Stripey Honey… is very yummy! is a touching and funny story of how tigers, bees and honey collectors learn to live and play together in the forests of the Sundarbans, the land between India and Bangladesh.

As fisher-women leave their boats on the river to collect honey, they keep a look out for roaming tigers, with fierce masks on the backs of their heads as their only protection. Journeying into the jungle, they climb high into the trees to collect some honey from the giant bees… But what happens when the tigers lend them a paw?

Mashi Theatre brought this new play to young audiences of 5 years and up in 2019. It was a tale of adventure and fun with music by award-winning composer Arun Ghosh, song, dance and puppetry, exploring the lives of some of our most precious but endangered species, who unite to save their homes.

Presented by MASHI THEATRE. A BIG IMAGHINATION’s commission in partnership with THE SPARK ARTS FOR CHILDREN supported by THE DUKES, LANCASTER


Writer: Sayan Kent
Concept: Trina Haldar
Director: Trina Haldar
Cast: Sameena Hussain & Chandni Mistry
Designer / Puppet Director: Sue Pyecroft
Composer: Arun Ghosh
Musical Arranger: Matt Marks
Music Director: Innes Sampaio
Dramaturg: Sarah Argent