Get ready to stick it to the man because Andrew Lloyd Webber’s West End and Broadway hit musical School of Rock is going on tour!

School of Rock is the global hit musical based on the iconic movie starring Jack Black.

Wannabe rock star Dewey Finn is cast out by his dive-bar bandmates and finds himself in desperate need of cash. Posing as a substitute music teacher at an elite prep school, he exposes his students to the rock gods he idolises, transforming them into a mind-blowing rock band. While teaching these pint-sized prodigies what it means to truly rock out, Dewey falls for the school’s beautiful, but uptight headmistress, Miss Mullins, helping her rediscover the wild child within. But, will they all find redemption at the battle of the bands?

Featuring 14 new songs from Andrew Lloyd Webber, all the original songs from the movie, and a band of insanely talented kids that play live every show, School of Rock will warm your heart and blow you away in equal measure.

Praise for School of Rock

‘I laughed. I cried. I rocked!’
Jack Black

‘Five-star triumph’
The Sunday Times

‘The most enjoyable few hours money can buy’
The Daily Telegraph

‘Terrific fun’
Daily Mail

‘A big hearted show. Loud and cheeky, a feel-good experience with a hint of anarchic wildness’
Evening Standard

‘A triumph for Andrew Lloyd Webber as the king of hit musicals’
Daily Mirror

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