Tom Conti made a welcome return to the stage in 2012 after delighting audiences in the hilarious comedy Wife After Death. He is one of the UK’s most popular actors and recent television roles include Lark Rise to Candleford and Miranda. Tom Conti won an Olivier Award in the West End and a Tony Award on Broadway for his performance in Whose Life Is It Anyway? and was nominated for an Oscar as Best Actor for his role in Reuben, Reuben. He and Dame Judi Dench were recently voted the Most Popular Actors in the West End in the last 25 years.

The author of the triumphant worldwide smash hit comedy There’s a Girl in My Soup, brought audiences a very different treat: a murder story, a courtroom drama, a suspenseful thriller.

Television journalist James Highwood (Conti) has made his career out of challenging the British Justice system in his documentary programmes. Now, suddenly, he finds the system challenging him as he is brought to court on a charge of murder. Highwood admits the killing but perversely chooses to defend himself, pushing the tolerance of the court to its limits and framing his defence in terms calculated to incense the judge.

With more than its share of surprising twists and turns, the play kept audiences guessing until the very end.



Playwright: Terence Frisby
Director: James Larkin
Cast: Tom Conti, Carol Starks, David Michaels, Elizabeth Payne…
Set Design: Janet Bird
Lighting Design: Tim Speechly