Seven strangers take refuge from flesh eating ‘ghouls’ in an isolated farmhouse.  As the night draws in, their situation becomes desperate, hope turns to despair, and the picket-fence American dream is smashed apart. 

Seven performers enter the stage armed with cameras, a box of props and a rail of costumes.  Can they recreate the film, shot-for-shot before our eyes, using whatever they can lay there hands on? 

50 years after the release of George A. Romero’s politically charged zombie movie, as liberal values are under threat, and we find ourselves adrift in a climate of mistrust and paranoia, imitating the dog and Leeds Playhouse create a love-song to the original 1960s film, retelling it as a searing story for now. 

Leeds Playhouse 
Fri 24 Jan – Sat 15 Feb 

Liverpool Playhouse
Tue 18  – Sat 22 Feb 

Exeter Northcott
Tues & Wed, 25 & 26 Feb 

Theatr Clywd 
Fi & Sat, 28 & 29 Feb 

Nottingham Playhouse 
Tues & Wed, 10 & 11 March  

Dundee Rep
Fri & Sat, 13 & 14 March 

Manchester Home
Wed 18 – Sat 21 March