Step into the unexpected

A mysterious London warehouse hides a lost truth that is fighting to be heard. Your skills and imagination are needed to be part of Wing 7, a secret undercover unit. Your mission? To covertly enter the headquarters of Origin, a warehouse in Hoxton, recently revealed to be a front for an illegal dark web marketplace.

In this live story experience, audiences journey through a multitude of spaces in teams of six; working against the clock to right a wrong and decide a fate.

This boundary-breaking piece combines theatre, cutting edge mixed reality and state-of-the-art interactive technologies to forge new ground in live performance for an exclusive, two-week run.

Venture into a totally unique experience.

Imaginative and captivating, Lost Origin is not to be missed.

Produced by FACTORY 42.

Praise for Lost Origin

“Slick interactive adventure.”

The Stage

“Unlike anything I’ve seen before… Lost Origin is phenomenal.”

Broadway World UK

“Another chamber reveals the VR aspect of Lost Origin, and it leaves me slack jawed in wonder. It’s the best version of VR I’ve experienced… The cast, too, were brilliant.”

Evening Standard

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Lost Origin is a site-specific experience, located at the Hoxton Docks in London until Dec 4th, 2021.
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Lost Origin Trailer from Factory 42 on Vimeo.