New Year’s Eve, 1965, London, England.

Just before midnight, as revellers celebrate the beginning of another year, a young woman enters Marylebone Police Station and confesses to a brutal murder.

She claims to be Mina Harker, the last living survivor of the intrepid group that witnessed Count Dracula’s destruction 70 years before. But Mina Harker has not been seen since 1901. And if she was alive, she would be ninety years old.

Unfolding on stage as a live graphic novel, Dracula: The Untold Story is a chilling, new version of the classic gothic vampire tale that you thought you knew so well.



Adaptation and direction: Andrew Quick and Pete Brooks
Cast: Riana Duce, Matt Prendergast, Adela Rajnović
Projection and video design: Simon Wainwright
Design: Laura Hopkins
Lighting Design: Andrew Crofts
Original music: James Hamilton
Models and Animation: Matthew Tully

Praise for Dracula: The Untold Story

“A wild gothic thrill ride”
“imitating the dog’s inventive blend of live theatre and tech is bursting with life”

The Guardian

“Exquisitely crafted”
“The performances are impeccable”
“The fusion of live action and video technology is breathtakingly inventive”

The Times

“A compelling piece of theatre”
“Highly impressive”

What’s on Stage

“Innovative, spectacular, experimental and totally unpredictable.”

Fairypowered Productions

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