Bittersweet, hugely entertaining and full of sharp wit and repartee, A Song at Twilight is about harbouring secrets and the regret of missed opportunities.

World famous author Sir Hugo Latymer is growing old, rude and haughty. In the private suite of a lakeside hotel where he lives, he is attended to by his long suffering wife and former secretary, Hilde, and Felix, a handsome young waiter. Here he nervously awaits the arrival of an old flame, actress Carlotta Gray, with whom he had a two year love affair more than 40 years ago. What can she possibly want now? Revenge for his characterisation of her in his recent autobiography? Money to compensate for a second rate acting career in the States? But Carlotta is writing her own memoir and wants something much more significant.

This production, directed by Stephen Unwin and starring acclaimed British actors Simon Callow and Jane Asher, opened at Theatre Royal Bath before touring the UK in 2019.



Playwright: Noël Coward
Director: Stephen Unwin
Cast: Simon Callow, Jane Asher, Jessica Turner, Ash Rizi